Saturday, July 9, 2011


     What does it mean to be happy? How can one define something so allusive? Perhaps happy is just living at peace with ones self. It could be living with the love that dreams are made of. Then again, it could be the sound of childrens' laughter, or the smell of a new-born puppy. Just what is happiness? Is it there, or is it here? Is it something that is created on the inside or is it a condition of the outside world? We have the right to pursue happiness. That means there must be something tangible to this happy thing. It is in the Bill of Rights in the United States Constitution so it must be real. It must be attainable, so why then does it seem to be so very far away?
     It is my belief that happiness seems so unobtainable because there are many that have been refused the right to be happy. Oh yes, there are children and the peace of being with ones self and the wonder of living with the love that dreams are made of, but there is really no place for that to be shared with others. There are people that have been removed from malls for a single, simple kiss in public. There are those that have died for loving someone that did not fit in the killers sense of normal. Then there are those that are pulled apart by so many questions and fears that even though they love one another more than air, it simply cannot be. They believe the stories that they are abominations. Or they simply want to be "normal" so badly that they are willing to destroy that which made them...happy.

    So now happiness is just a dream upon which our fore-fathers built a nation. It is no longer real. It has been murdered, burned, torn, mutilated and divorced out of society. The masses that have affairs help to prove this point. The demand for One Man/One Woman has turned into a society of men and women that do not know the meaning of happy or faithful. Almost every evangelist and politician that has something derisive to say about the LGBT&Q community has been caught in some affair or lie. all this chips away at happiness. Eventually, life becomes very gray, without joy, without peace and without the gift, the right to be happy.

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