Saturday, July 30, 2011

A Game of Life

     Kevin Flynn: "The only way to win the game is not to play." What a thought, just don't play the game.
     Does this mean all the social games that are online? No. It means the games that people play with each other. We have forgotten how to handle people with grace and kindness. We only look out for ourselves and no one else. Has to be; have you noticed that the "Mine, mine, mine." phrases of children are now echoed in adults?

     There seems to be more than ever; human drama is played out before us. There are responsible adults that demand that it be their way or not at all when it comes to being online, in the store, or in their personal lives. Children screaming expletives at their parents in public places, adults that rudely turn away from even the kindest of comments. We have become so afraid of what, ourselves?
     Porn and sex-toys come in plain wrappings for a reason, to protect the sensibilities of even the hardest of us; it is for a private joy, not for the world. Not everyone wants to be a voyeur, yet it is forced upon us by all sorts of media and people. I like a sexy joke, or even sexy play, but I am aware that the person next to me may have seen too much in their life to endure even the least bawdy phrase. They have their rights as well as anyone else.

     Rights are a difficult proposition; the LGBT community in America cannot enjoy rights that the Constitution guarantees for Americans, because others voted those rights away. This makes me think, the more rights we take away from each other, the more hatred and turmoil we will face. Every action has a consequence. We are now seeing the consequence. People that would normally be concerned for another are now focused on themselves. Why? If no one is going to stand up for the rights of others why should we care what others think or feel?
     Now is the time for grace. Now is the time for kindness. Before we all forget just what it is to smile and be considerate to another. Even in social gaming, it is about being social. Understanding the diversity of those, we have adopted into our folds. From the highly educated to the least, the rich to the poor, and the tragic to the comic. We must be responsible for each other, for if we are not, we will see an ending to life as we have known it. Star trek: the Wrath of Khan says it best,” Spock: Don't grieve, Admiral. It is logical. The needs of the many outweigh... Kirk: ...the needs of the few... Spock: ...Or the one... I have been and always shall be your friend.  Live long and prosper.”

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