Monday, June 27, 2011


Several years ago, a president was in trouble. Suddenly America was in the throes of its greatest threat. The Lesbian, Gay, Bi-Sexual, Transgendered (LGBT) community threatened the sanctity of marriage. A law came into being that specifically stated: One man/ one woman. Hallelujah and pass the bacon, Free at last, free at last.

So why are the law-breakers not being arrested? You know the ones, the men, and women that have adulterous affairs. Rather throws the one man, one woman thought out the window.

The LGBT community did not cause people to stray outside their marriages. They did not come into the homes of straight Americans and pull them out into the street, demanding the straight American to cheat on their wife or husband.

Poor God, He already has an entire community that His people have condemned and damned, but they have forgotten to look at themselves. Actually, that is a generalization. There are true believers, the ones that believe in showing the love of God. They do not judge, they leave that up to the Father. They do not condemn or call anyone an abomination.  They believe what they believe, but there is no ramming down the proverbial throat, just the love of God, period.

Our history shows prejudice and bigotry with women’s rights, civil rights, and the right for the mentally disabled being allowed to marry as long as they understand the meaning of marriage. We have a history of prejudice against Chinese, Irish, mixed marriages, and Mexicans. There is a history of internment camps, and slavery. Now, it is the LGBT community. Maybe America just needs to have something to destroy within itself. There is a psychological term for this, but I dare not, I am already saying enough to incite a riot.

I do wonder what would happen if adulterers were arrested for breaking the one-man, one-woman law. Stop picking and choosing what parts of the Bible you will obey and which ones don’t pertain to you. If we are going to have a law, then we need to enforce it.

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