Friday, September 16, 2011

Family (I Love You)

     Most of us spend our growing up wondering how we were stuck with these people we call family. It is a hard call. Some of us have reasons as to why we want nothing to do with family as we reach our adult years. Others are pulled from their family when they are young. Then there are differences in DNA, religious beliefs, or on whom we love. All of us have a dream of the Perfect Family.

     Every human being has a dream of being loved, no matter what by those we have lived with most of our lives. Sometimes that happens, sometimes it never does. The expectations of family members can just be too much to overcome. Some of us believe we are less than, others believe they are more than, all of us have some sort of twisted view that seems nearly impossible to overcome.

     Family comes with baggage, many hidden trinkets that are shared among all the members. Unspoken rules, those boundaries that one crosses without realizing because no one voiced where the lines are, perhaps because they did not know they had set the boundary in the first place. There are anger issues, sexual issues, feelings of invalidation, fears, dreams, and strengths. There are mental issues, financial issues, and simply life issues that interfere with family.

     Family that set of people that house the imperfect yet strives for perfection. Truly, the only Perfect Family no longer lives among us on earth. We long for family. We hunger for that closeness that family promises just by being called family. We all need to feel the touch that family can bring; unfortunately, there are those among us that will never know that touch.

    “Fri(END), Boyfri(END), Girlfri(END), Bestfri(END). Everything has an END except...Fam(ILY)! It Has 3 Letters that says I LOVE YOU.” It is for this that we long for. The love that is without end. Some say that only comes from God, I have to disagree. Christian terminology uses the term “Family of God.” God is the One that determined family, so that, perhaps we can know that love without end. Aw, the crux is we are all human. We all have a will. Either I will or I won’t. That very fact alone can place all of us into chaos. The chaos of emotion, belief and for some the fear of being an abomination.

     Could this be why we find family without the blood tie? Because they may love us without condition? Could this be why we find connections with people that we do not know? Because some Higher Power realized that, none of us can live without being connected to someone? We all need the touch of family. My hope is that we discover it before we lose anymore of ourselves. With each death, there is a loss of self. May we discover each other before it is too late.

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